It's Community Challenge Time!

I’m issuing a personal challenge here. Hopefully this creates a little more interaction than just individual posts. I want to see COLLABORATIONS!

My challenge is directed towards Unity and Blender students.
The Unreal course is not yet fully completed, but a challenge lies in store for you as well!
(I’m also taking the course.)


  • Complete a course project with a fellow student, a first venture into teamwork
  • Start fleshing out game primers from Unity course without video lecture assistance
  • Getting your feet wet in game development without pressures of a business venture


  1. Pair up one Unity Student and one Blender Student. This is the biggest hurdle. Post a comment below about which role you wish to fill and any credentials you wish to share. Use the PM (Personal Message) feature to ask to partner up; please avoid using the reply button to do this. Edit your comment by tagging your new partner once you have one.

  2. You should have completed enough of each course (at least Zombie Runner in Unity and Fluffy Bunny in Blender) to feel confident in completing this challenge. You will have to accomplish some tasks without reference to a slide or video, but You Can Do It!

  3. Your submission should be completely free in all aspects. Create a WebGL build of your final project and upload to Then post a link in the comments here so we can play it! No Google Play or Apple Store links. As a partnership you can share your game where you like, but I’m looking for links only.


Taking from Zombie Runner, you will create your first FPS game. It will have 1 level. Your team will create all the assets; some purchased assets are permissible, but that’s not what these courses are about.

Zombie Runner had a theme of a lost soldier during a zombie apocalypse. You can change the theme and story setting as you please. Cowboys, Indians, Zombies, Aliens, Wizards, Knights, Giant Pink Rabbits, whatever you want. Likewise you should adapt the assets to match. The GDD (Game Design Document) below should fill in the remainder of the details to complete the challenge.

##My First FPS - Game Design Document
This is a single level FPS game. The player advances through a strip of land searching for waypoints giving the game a mission feel. The terrain can be laid out to be maze-like or obvious with obstacles to force a specific path and engage enemies.


  1. Player must first find a weapon for defense
  2. Enemies begin spawning after acquiring weapon or the rescue vehicle has been summoned
  3. Player must find a radio or beacon to summon rescue vehicle
  4. Player has 3:00 to reach a designated landing zone for extraction once the rescue vehicle has been summoned
  5. Player must make it past a physical obstacle and enemies to reach landing zone

How to Win

  1. Make it to all waypoints and get on rescue vehicle
  2. Don’t die

How to Lose

  1. Terrain hazards: drown in water, fall to your death
  2. Enemy capture or killed by enemy
  3. Not make it in time to rescue vehicle (waits 1:00 once it has arrived)
  4. After losing, a “play again” option is given


  1. Time elapsed to complete level
  2. Enemies killed

Assets needed

  1. 300 x 1200 meter terrain
  2. At least one weapon (e.g. rifle, this is a shooter!)
  3. Physical structure: shack, building, bridge, etc.
  4. Aerial rescue vehicle (create your own!), Zombie Runner used a helicopter
  5. Enemy - create a UV wrap for a 3rd person character from Unity or create one from scratch
  6. Sound effects: radio chatter, weapon noise, enemy, rescue vehicle, et al.
  7. Short description explaining your opening scene

Any Questions, ask below!


Woah, seems like a pretty big undertaking, but I’d love to be a part of it!

I’m a student from the Blender course, and have been working on 3D on and off since last year. I’ve got a whole week off work next week to work on whatever.

Strengths: Low poly, clean and simple topology, box modeling. I’ve also been told I’m very fast at making fully 3D characters (2 to 4 hours on average)
Weakness: “Realism”, I haven’t got the hang of good looking textures and proper rigs for humanlike characters. I also know very little about coding.

If you’d like a portfolio of my work, check on the following link to my SketchFab account. If you’re looking for a more cartoony style, I’d love to collaborate :smiley:


Hey there,
thats a really cool way to lay it off.
im a unity student over here, and i got about 10 lectures remaining to finish off zombie runner.
i absolutely love how you went on about it in the topic. however there is one thing i disagree about it, should it really be an FPS game with one level and stuff? i mean, those who team up should be able to create anything.
but yeah, we can take the fps part as a suggestion in case they arent sure?

and, lastly, count me in i am up for the challenge.(even if its just an FPS though what i’d prefare if me and a blender student team up and brain storm a whole game or sth. :smiley: but im ok with a straight FPS too. ) (well, technically i’ll be qualified for it in ten lectures but hopefully i’ll be done in a day or two :smiley: ).

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You’re a prime target for this challenge! The primary focus is to encourage programmers to pair up with artists.

Given that we have Unity students and Blenders students on this forum, Zombie Runner was the most compatible course project that would combine their skills. It just happens to be FPS, so to “keep it simple” for the absolute beginners I wrote the challenge accordingly.

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Dang. I’m not to that portion of the course yet, but hopefully once I get there this challenge will still be open. I’ve been looking forward to working with others on a project, so these challenges are perfect for that. Thank you for putting this together!

I really like this idea. While I’m not at that point in the course, I have been using Unity on and off for the past two years. I would be up for collaborating with someone though.

Very interesting idea, as a Blender student i’m always interested in joining a fellow programmer to start a small free project. :relaxed:

My skills:
Modelling and texturing :+1:
Rigging and animating :-1:

I’m better at modelling and texturing hard surface objects, organic modelling is not one of my strongest points, but can be done.
If needed I have no trouble in researching and trying different things outside my comfort zone (animation and rigging specially).

I’m setting up a temporary portfolio so i can share my work so far.


(It’s temporary and i’m still adding content)


thats really neat i’d love to see your works :slight_smile: @Lucas_Lima

and as i said before im a unity student and almost finishing Zombie Runner as i said above and would love to join in with a blender student .
i still havent created my “original work” but you can check out my take ons on the challanges in the unity course at


or at the very least, i can be up for some brainstorming at the very bare minimum. :slight_smile: .
so if anyone interested tick me up with a PM


Check it out:
You will be my first visitor :joy:
I’m still adding content to it!

Btw @MoMutrz , i really liked the structure you set up for your self, a page with your games so far, facebook page. Really cool! Looking forward to see Zombie Runner there :grinning:

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just visited your behance :slight_smile: woah, really good stuff there
totally love them all, all four of em. i like the how chilled the glass of tea make you seem at the chess.
i totally fell in love with the castle (i have a thing for castles) .
and the gun just looks purely solid and neat
dont know much about modelling but yeah, i can tell your effort in them.
im glad you liked my page and hopefully it’ll grow soon :slight_smile:

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I’d like to give this a shot if anybody else if up for it. I’m apart of the Blender course. I’m still working on updating my Sketchfab but I do have a couple of examples on there.

My weakest points are:

  • Human modelling
  • Certain areas of rigging. Shoulders and thighs give me the hardest time.
  • Textures. I’m no 2D artist (but I try!)

I’m really liking the variety of portfolios! Hopefully we’ll gather more interest individuals and start pairing up.

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Hi Everyone, I am a student from the Blender course which i just recently finished…although I’m done with the course there is so much yet to learn and many hours , days months of practice yet needed. I would love to collaborate with a programmer to make a project! I made a quick website just for this post with the models and works in progress i have so far …

I do not have much experience yet with organic modelling or animation and rigging, just what we did in the course but what i lack in experience i try to make up for with determination! I have a lot of time on my hands, blender is where i spend just about every minute of it nowadays i will not stop until i master this art… anyway i can be of help to anyone in our community just let me know :slight_smile:


Hey there,
really cool models bro :slight_smile:
i love your chess board and axe (axe is one of my favorite Melee Weapons )
i must also say your hologram gun holder is also great, and i would most definitely pet your bunny :smiley:

Just as a little heads up, when I clicked on your link Norton intervened and advised the site was dangerous and had been blocked.

I had to look up what the SWBPL thing was, from other articles I found it would seem that it’s a false positive based on a change on the page. Ironically Norton listed this against what I guess is a different user than yourself.

Just popping this here in case anyone else gets a similar message. I have been to your specific page, nothing adverse appears to have happened… other than a little bit of envy being generated when I saw your models :slight_smile:

just giving me feed back, im using avast free version
and it gave me no issues for rszarka website.

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Definitely a false positive at my end… just wouldn’t want anyone to be put off from checking out the links / models etc :slight_smile:

Thats strange that happened…i guess someone also using that host once upon a time did some bad things and got the whole hosting site blacklisted… Its where i host a generic website or two, but i promise you nothing bad is on there from me anyways haha just a site about a book i wrote and a small one displaying my models :slight_smile:
thanks for letting me know Rob!

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Thanks for the kind words guys :slight_smile:

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No worries, it was only for info, I didn’t think your stuff was going to be a problem… the second picture shows a specific path of some other account etc, interestingly it only had “1” bad report against it anyway… just didn’t want anyone else to be put off if they saw something similar. I’m going to edit my earlier post and remove the first image as looking at it now, if people don’t read the text I included to, my own post may actually put people off! Sorry!

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