Ist Sculpt Project for final Blender for Beginners Course

This course has been amazing…hats off to the entire team of instructors! I will definitely continue working on improving my skills…there is so much more I must learn. Also, kudos to all of you taking the course, stick with it, I have seen an incredible amount of creative talent in this community. Thank you for your comments / encouragement.
Here is the sculpt of the devilish fiend I created for the lesson.


Well done completing the course with a great devil sculpt.

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Great work. Don’t forget to smoot the horns and nose ring …
I like the facial details. I miss that in the horns.

Just have fun!

Thank you for the comments. I agree on the nose ring and will improve that, but as for the horns, I was going for a rough look to make them look more unnatural (not made of bone material).

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