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SO I am still a beginner in tis program and I am having an issue with the wedge lesson. I did it once a while back and everything worked fine. I had to restart it because I didn’t save it. This time its not coming out right front the start. I laid out the cube, took off the edges, made the faces, stretched it like I was supposed to and then when I went to the next lesson to learn rotation etc. It is not stretching thr right directions and I even think some how my edit widget is turned around. Attaching a picture. please help if you can. Thnx

I am not certain at the moment how the orientation of the wedge is in the video, but you should always double check your 3D-Manipulator (Axis) Widget matches the one in the video. So if the video starts off with a cube in the center and it transforms it on the X-axis, you’ll need to do that to avoid confusion.

Mistakes don’t matter right now in term of if you stretch it in the Y-axis vs the X-axis against the lecture as long as you know how to transform properly.


If you want your current picture’s object to stand taller, you’ll want to Rotate on the X-axis by 90 degrees.

If you want your object to spin around like on the ground, then Rotate on the Z-axis.

If you want it to roll like a barrel or a plane, then Rotate on the Y-axis.

Camera Issue Possibility:

If you press CTRL+SHIFT and then Scroll your Mouse Wheel, it will start spinning the camera possibly awkwardly for you. So just be careful what buttons you press when moving the camera around in Blender.


If that doesn’t answer your issue, I’ll respond again if someone doesn’t answer before that.

Hope that helps~

Thanks for responding James. SO I started over and did just as you said. I made the wedge making sure I was cutting the same edges off and adding faces just the same as in the video dragging the red arrow (x axis) to make the wedge. when he gets down to the scaling on the next video I notice when he is using the x axis it is making his wedge wider and thinner, with I scale on the x axis it is making my wedge longer or shorter. I wish I could screen share this so someone could actually see.

also when I change scale the dimensions change and vise versa. the settings dont stay at what I put them at.

You’re always welcome.

And you need to know that Michael is a tricky, tricky man! If you notice in the previous video where you created the wedge, the length of it was, indeed, along the the X-axis. But in the following video where you deal with scaling, the length of the wedge is actually along the Y-axis. This is probably the “origin” of the issue :joy:

So you’ll, generally, have to update your object if the start of the next video is different, or just translate his directions according to your model. If he widens, you widen. If he lengthens, you lengthen.


As for the Scale vs Dimension:

Dimension is more of a Measurement of your object in the Blender scene in terms of Units (Blender Units, Feet, Meters, Cm, etc).

Scale is the internal Blender size of your mesh/object. There are a few ways to change the scale, but only one method changes the actual scale of your object.

  1. Edit Mode changes to the Scale will change the True/Actual Scale (mesh) of the object. So if you create a cube, the scale will be 1 by 1 by 1. If you go into Edit Mode and scale it by 5 million, entering back into Object mode will still show the Scale as 1 by 1 by 1.

  2. Object Mode changes the Scale of an object by basically enlarging or shrinking the object. It’s like if you design a cup/model in Edit Mode, then you decide while in Object Mode it is too big or small. When you change the scale in Object Mode to suit your needs, it changes the 1 by 1 by 1 values to something different because you are not modifying the mesh of the object.

Maybe an easy visual:

The middle cup is the Normal cup you might order at a fast food restaurant. The left cup is the same design, but it is smaller for maybe a child or just less of a drink. The right cup is the same design again, but it is larger because someone is awfully thirsty.


I type too much sometimes, but hopefully, that makes it more clear.

If that didn’t help, the drinks are on me~ :grin:

No, you don’t type to much I like that its informative. I’m a reader lol. I think that helped me alot because that is exactly what was happening, one video ended one way but the next was opposite, I think I can finally move on now. THANK YOUUUU!!!

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OMG I just want to smack my head now, its those little things that catch you. I could have just turned it around :slight_smile:

Yes… Yes, you could have lol :laughing:

There is a lot of complexity to Blender, but at the same time, most of it becomes really simple when you look at it the right way.

Glad to hear though that you’re a fearsome warrior now!


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