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Hello, having some problems here with selection. Whenever I try to left alt select something It selects as the picture below instead of the rings. It’s been incredibly frustrating as no matter how I chose to select it will not select properly like shown in the video. This of course has lead me to have to manually select since it won’t select in a ring along the smaller faces for the ramp guard rail.

When I try to select one of those smaller faces for the rail, instead of going down and under, it goes around the pyramid horizontally instead of vertically. If I need to further explain please let me know.

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To start with you in this image are in face select mode so Blender is selecting loops of faces not just edges.

The other problem sounds like getting used where to click to get the loop going the right way that you wanted. If you are too close to a ‘crossroad’ of the edges It can guess the wrong direction.

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alt-select on faces cares about the closest edge you click on…
… for example if you were to alt-click close to the red edge the face-selection would flow vertically, whereas if you alt-clicked close to the blue edge the flow would go horizontally.
So, to select the rail-faces you may have to zoom in a bit to get your mouse close to the bottom edge.

Hope that helps.


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