Issues in Visual Studio Code

Hello. Things are happening in Visual Studio Code that shouldn’t be. For example VS Code never says even if there is a mistake. In the video, even while writing, there is either a lamp or a red line under it.
I also have an error notification does not even come up. In addition, when you open VS Code on Unreal Engine, it does not recognize it when you type cl to the terminal, but when the developer writes code in the command prompt, it does not recognize it when you type cl in VS Code. Finally, VS Code works very slowly for me, when I open it detects variables, changes color, etc. It takes 1 to 2 minutes. Also, when you type cl to the terminal, does it write x64 or x86? One of the situations that makes me suspicious is that it says x86 on me. I wonder if it could be slow because of it. Thanks.

Did you disable error squiggles?

It’s not supposed to.

It can take time initially, Unreal is quite a large code base. Are you using an SSD?

It’s x86 however that’s not going to affect the speed of VS Code at all. That’s just the compiler being used i.e. the executable you create with cl would be x86.

I’m sorry for my late comeback. Because of the slowness and the cl command did not work, I formatted my computer and the cl problem, not showing errors and slow running problem were resolved. Thank you for your help.

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