Issue With UE 5.2.0 Making Blueprints

Hi! Can anyone help me with this Blueprint issue? Every time I try to make a blueprint it freezes the editor and all I can do is force quit UE in Task Manager. I upgraded my drivers to see if that was the issue, but it wasn’t. I have a powerful computer so I know it something with Unreal because everything else in UE is working great. Let me know if anyone can help me. Thank you!

Above is the exact spot where it freezes in the editor.

With more testing this is only happening with StaticMeshComponents that I spawn in

I fixed it. I guess the engine would not let me make a BP for the mobility it was on. I moved the mobility of Static to movable and was able to make a blueprint

I’m glad you found a solution. In cases where the editor seems to have locked up, there may be a crash pop up hiding somewhere else. Try utilizing alt-tab to find it.

Thanks for the tip!

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