Issue with Materials and textures

While redesigning my game scene i am trying to apply a material to the cuboid obstacles but the material is not getting applied properly. (screenshot below)

I want the obstacles to look the same on all faces (same as on the front face).
Normally the tiling applies the same way to all faces i believe but here the tiling that makes the front and back look good, makes the other faces as shown in the top face of the obstacle.

I have also tried creating a simple material and applied it to the lower obstacle, but it got applied only to the front and back and other faces remained blank white. (screenshot below)

Maybe its a silly issue. I am not able to figure out why this is happening and need help to get it fixed.

From what I see here, this might be an UV issue (look at the upper image). Maybe you could UV-unwrap your object in blender to see how the UV vertices are distributed for your top surface.