Is Unity viable over Unreal to get a Programmer Job?


Hey guys,
I wonder if someone can give me some insight/ has some experience, when it comes to choosing language and technology. I know that most patterns and methodologies are not tied to an engine or even language. But still, does choosing Unity over Unreal make you less appealing for employers, since you are using C#, they will most likely use C++, you are using Unity, they will most likely use Unreal or their own proprietary Technology…
If this information matters, I do not have a CS degree, I have a somewhat related generic Media and can only show my portfolio and skills to a company.


C#, outside of the gaming community, is more used than c++, when considering windows/.net development. C++ is more used for AAA game development, but C#/Unity is still very popular. C++ is also used for systems like operating systems, drivers and other things that interact with hardware on a mods intimate level. So really it depends on WHAT you want to program.

If you just want a job as a programmer and don’t care in what field, C# is more used for windows programs within the .Net and UWP frameworks. UWP is what allows a programmer to develop for Windows, Xbox, Hololens and mobile without having to change or rewrite code. Also, C# is easier to learn as it’s a high level language with built in garbage collection. This can also be a downside, but outside gaming it does not really effect performance.
C++ is a hybrid language that has high level and low level functionality. It requires developers to pay close attention to memory management, as it does not so garbage collection on its own. This gives more control, but can also be a liability (memory leaks).

Another big advantage to C#, to me at least, is that it’s very similar to Java. In fact many things are identical. Learning one almost means learning the other. You just have to learn the few differences, as opposed to c++ which is very much different in terms of syntax is. Java is still a popular language.

Now if you wanted to work for a AAA developer, c++ is the way to go. But even some large games are being built in Unity. Hearthstone was actually developed on Unity. As was Cuphead, Cities Skylines and of course some of the best indie games out there.