Is there a VR course planned for UE4?

I was wondering if there was going to be a similar course in VR as there is for Unity. I’m looking at getting into doing some android VR stuff in the near future. It would be good having decent tutorials to guide me.

The final section of the Unreal course will cover VR :slight_smile:


Awesome! I was hoping for the same thing! Are you going to code for HTC Vive?

I am also looking into getting into VR, and am enrolled in both the Unreal course and the VR Unity Course.

Yes, we have a Vive and aren’t afraid to use it!


Hi Ben,

Would you mind linking me to the VR section for the Unreal Course? I am having trouble locating it in the course outline.


It doesn’t exist and the plan has changed for it to be a seperate course

Won’t be TOO long Brian, just let Sam get Testing Grounds then multiplayer sorted and we’ll be on it.

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