Is Energy and Power same for changing the value of light?

Changing the value of the light, it does not show me as energy as it shows in the video, it says power…is it alright?

Yes, that appears to be a new feature in Blender 2.80 since it’s gone gold. The lighting attempts to be physically correct and will scale with your scene dimensions.
When setting Length-base to Centimeters and Unit scaling to 0.01, the standard point light which was 1000W will now become a 100mW source. So, to maintain a consistent lighting across scene scales it seems the developers chose wattage as a standard instead of a unit-less “Energy” value.
So here you can see what in the default setup would have been a 1000W flood-light illuminating massive 2m² cubes, it is now a small 100mW LED-light lighting up two tiny 2cm² cubes.
Sun lights behave differently and cannot scale. They have a “Strength” value instead.

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