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Hello, I recently bought the course. I was wondering if it was going to, or if in the future it’s going toteach how target mobile platforms, both as build and maybe also with something like a touch controller… I’d be interested in. I’m not mainly studying UE for mobile platforms, but I’d like to know how to target games for them as well. Also I’m interested about performances on mobile. I’d like if some upcoming game was going to show that.

There is a long video series about building a match3 app on mobile phones on the ue4 YouTube channel and the finished demo project from Epic in the UE4 launcher learn tab.

Generally speaking mobile games are a different kind of beast all together

You have to take into consideration the following

  • Different screen resolutions and screen sizes

  • Assets that are much lower in polygon count

  • Simpler graphics overall, applying to particle effects, physics, AI etc

  • Multi touch interface

  • Avoiding the use of keyboard since it is much more cumbersome than pcs

  • The user will obstruct his screen with this fingers most of the time hence you cannot assume he sees everything

Hence why you see most games being exclusive to mobile platforms and much less being both PC and iOS/Android and also why you see a specific type of games being popular on mobile platform while on the other hand PC games have a huge variety of games.

Also dont buy into the hype that the mobile market is dominant / the king / the holy grail of game development. PC games actually have a bit larger market than mobile games , with the vast majority being on the Steam platform that Unreal directly supports. Windows has around 95%. Console games have by far the smallest piece of the pie.

How to develop for the mobile platforms you can find a ton of documentation about it in Unreal’s online documentation and of course as the previous poster said in the youtube channel.

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