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I am on Drag and Drop Scripts(18:02). I have downloaded the file 3 times and it does not reflect the video at all. Can we get this fixed please?

No one replies in 2 days? Why cant we please get this fixed?

Hi Forensicsman,

I apologies for the non response to your post as i scan these forums by a search tag and so if it hasnt been tagged as an RPG lecture then i literally dont see it on my daily searches.
Can you tell me is the issue just on our site or is it on Udemy as well?

@Rick_Davidson @sampattuzzi

This is my bad and I need to fix it.

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Sorry, that was referring to the tagging issue Marc is seeing. I don’t know what issue you are encountering @forensicsman. The package attached to the lecture works fine on our site. Is the issue on Udemy?

It is on this site. When you download the Unity package and follow your video, the package does not reflect what yo u are saying. it is completely different. And, the Udemy email that was sent does not let you get the course it just goes to the Udemy front page


As mentioned in the Udemy email, that coupon could only be valid for 3 days due to the restrictions Udemy put on us. Have a word with @Lucy_Becker to see if she can sort you out with Udemy access.

I did try downloading the file and taking a look. I can’t see any discrepancies. Could you tell us more about what you do and don’t see?

Hey, I’ve sent you a direct message on here and Kickstarter with a new Udemy coupon in. As mentioned before this is time limited so please redeem now :slight_smile: Thanks.

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