Introduction - UE4 Vet, Programming noob

Hey all,
Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Peter Ryan aka TorQueMoD. I’m completely new to programming (not counting UE4 Blueprint) but I’ve been working with Unreal Engine since UDK (2011) so I’m quite familiar with the art pipeline, materials, and pretty much anything you might be wanting to do with the editor while creating your first programming project. I have a youtube channel - - where I infrequently post tutorials for game design usually in 3D Studio Max and UE4 and I’ve succesfully launched 2 game projects using UE4 and Blueprint though I still wouldn’t consider myself much more than a novice in blueprint scripting.
If you need any help with UE4 in general, feel free to message me on the forums or email me directly - info [AT]

I’m looking forward to the UE4 Development course and learning to properly code!

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