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Hi! I’ve done a little Blender work before, but I’m nowhere near proficient with it. The courses have been very helpful in getting me started. You two area amazing!

I wanted to share some of my basic work to try and interact with the community a bit. I’ve finished the bowling pin portion of the course, so I added some materials to the pencil that I am posting here. The cup is without materials.

I will be posting with the wireframes displayed on any of my work. This will make the full design more clear so that if I can do things more efficiently, others can point it out.

These are my best works so far. I am also working on a flintlock pistol design which is coming along slowly. This is what I have so far for it.

Thanks for the brilliant courses! They have been very helpful!


Hi there @Dancingfirefly :smiley: Welcome to the course. Your art has a really great start, I like the pencil and pistol especially.

If you ever have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you out with topology, rigging, and any tutorials we’ve found to be helpful.

Here’s a bit of free advice for you. Did you know you can turn down the vert count of a shape when you spawn it? This is down the bottom left hand of the tools panel when the object is created. The inbuilt cylinder has many more verts than it realistically needs to, so you can turn this down to create a shape of 12 or so verts that will still look smooth but be much kinder to render. Also makes it easier to add or change parts of it.

One more is that, in the world tab on the properties bar, there’s a little bar called Ambient Occlusion. Turning this on will make your renders (shift Z especially) look more presentable without needing to set up lighting.

I really like your stuff so far and I wanna see more :smiley:

Thank you for the tips! I’m happy you like the work so far. :slight_smile:

I’ll likely redo the pistol once I learn more techniques. I’ll turn down the vert count when I make the cylinder again. I know that it’s important to use just enough, especially when it comes to designing 3D assets for gaming!

I’ll happily continue posting my work here :smiley:

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I decided to practice on the techniques taught prior to the chess tutorial before I continue. This is what I managed to make thus far.

This took about two tries and thirty minutes to make. I used a Mortal Kombat machine image (from the front and side) as a reference, then took artistic liberty once I had the basic shape down.

I also used the ‘circle’ mesh and added a face, then extruded it to create the buttons. This was a very easy and handy way to make flat circular objects!

Whenever I get through the texturing tutorials I may attempt to texture it into a random arcane game of my own design. I’ll be making a few more before continuing just to ensure I have the basics down.

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