Intellisense False Positive Error in Visual Studio 2019

When I run Visual Studio for Unreal Engine 4, Intellisense shows errors, although the code compiles properly. I’ve heard it might have something to do with Intellisense being slow at recognizing every function and class across a large codebase. I’m using Unreal Engine 4.26 btw. I could ignore it, as there is no problem with compiling the code, but it is very annoying to deal with so many false-positive error messages. Is there any way to fix this?

There is intellisense bug VS Code in 4.26 (and 4.25 as far as I remember). Check lecture 43. (I’m assuming you are talking about Visual Studio Code).

(but for me it makes the problem go away for a while, but the bug returns after a while, so I just use visual studio community)

Edit: it’s confusing, but there are two IDEs from Microsoft: Visual Studio Code (the one that is used in the course, which is lightweight and totally free, but has problems with intellisense in UE4.25/6) and Visual Studio (which has free community edition).

I was referring to Visual Studio 2019. Not Visual Studio Code.

Ah, so the only idea I have is to remove VS generated files and generate new solution. Also yeah, VS do take some time to parse (and it’s not perfect, so some squiggly lines can happen). But overall it works well with unreal 95% of the time in my experience.

From what I see, Intellisense doesn’t recognize many header files included. Partly due to not recognizing the brackets in the #include line and including online header files. I think those header files are online because I can’t find them in the Program Files.


Apparently, the first answer to this answer worked.

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