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I was wondering what is the point of instantiating previous scenes into a new scene if the newly instantiated scene is locked as basically one mesh that can only be scaled as a whole, rather than individual pieces that can be scaled and transformed like in the original scene? I just followed the tutorial instantiating and renaming scenes, but I was wondering what the practical use was of instantiating previously made scenes, like, what is that useful for and why would you do that, as opposed to just building each scene from scratch so you can alter all the individual pieces for more control?

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Basically, it’s not =)

If you right-click the instantiated scene in the Scene Dock and select “Editable Children,” you will find you can then make changes to the individual meshes in this instance.

More to the point of your question though, from what I’ve seen, Godot is designed to absolutely maximize the potential of instantiation (instancing), abstraction, and inheritance. These things allow you to reuse [code and design] in a safe way.

Anything that you’re going to copy multiple times is automatically worth turning into a scene, because changes you make to an “object scene” will immediately affect all instances of that scene. Levels should also be scenes because if you’re playing level 2, you don’t need any object instances that exist on level 1. Using scenes makes the resource management of this very easy. Making an abstract scene template and having all your levels inherit from it is also useful for the same reason you make object scenes, but that may or may not be beyond the course. Worth researching either way; it’s not hard, just takes a bit to wrap your head around.

As you go through the course, you will quickly discover places where this scene approach is very useful =)


yep, definitely, as you work through the course, this practice of creating scenes and using them within other scenes, in a sort of nested fashion, will be explained further and it can be really handy.

taking the first game we make, project boost.
if we were to create a rocket scene that has everything in it. but in there we have other saved scenes for boosters, nose cones etc.
we are sort of making a collage of different individual premade parts.

if say the nose cone scene, the model in it, isn’t quite the right shape or size, then you could go into the nose cone scene and adjust it. once saved, everywhere else that nose cone scene is used, the changes will apply over to everywhere its used, or scenes its instanced in.

as the course progresses, we will be able to make slight tweaks to some of the instanced scenes, as BH was mentioning.

its a tricky concept to get head around initially, but the more we use the ideas of nested scenes and instances throughout the course, i have no doubt it will click through practice.



Thanks a lot that makes it a lot clearer now :slightly_smiling_face:


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