Installed Unity 5.3.3 instead of 4.6 version

Hello so I jumped the gun a little when I first bought this course, downloading the newest version of Unity instead of the one recommended in this video. the Application I downloaded is named UnityDownloadAssistant-5.3.3f1
Should I delete this version and download the editor in the video?


You can use version 5 instead of 4. There are some differences in the editor, but they are small and not worth worrying about.

There will be some problems with the code. They changed a few things codewise.
The editor will give you an error when that happens, and so far the corrections needed are in the Q and A for each particular lecture.


Thank you Chris! The changes with the code was what concerned me.

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This is good to know - i’m using 5 instead of 4.6 too. Appreciate the response.

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I installed both since you can have both installed, but Chris’ comment was very helpful. I’ll probably just keep version 5 then! Thanks.

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Good to no. I did the same thing. I install 5 instead of 4. I will just keep using 5. Thank You.

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thanks for this reponse, I was curious about even while I was buying the course so it helped me.

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Here is Unity documentation on how to run multiple versions for future reference.


I’m sorry to necro, but I’m thrilled this question is front and center-- came to the discussion to get that answer!

I’m also using 5, no worries differences are minor :slight_smile:

I know I’m just replying to a year old comment, but can anyone go into detail about what he means with code problems?

Does that mean the program would crash if you do the wrong code or Unity 5’s code editor isn’t as stable?

Any help is appreciated.


It means that Unity updated their API between the older versions and version 5+, so some of the code you would type in following the course will now error.

The team have however added additional resources/lectures to cover the differences, these are also very well covered here on the forum.

Specifically, Application.LoadLevel() has been made obsolete and is replaced with SceneManager.LoadScene which requires the using UnityEngine.SceneManagement; directive at the top of your script.

Additionally, there have been changes to the ParticleSystem.


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