Incremental Game in early Alpha testing stages on Google Play store!

hey everyone!

Very excited to announce here that my second attempt of this type of game is now live on the google play store in alpha testing phases. For those of you who do not know the story let me fill you in briefly on what happened…

So I started taking the courses on udemy and learned how to program and code from nothing to where I am now at today. Thank you so much to ben for the courses and the other teachers that he works with to bring such incredible teaching for us to find the correct place to start with something like this.

Once i got about half way through the course i had an idea that I thought would be pretty interesting. I thought that for my first attempt at a game an incremental game might be fun and easier to try on my own then some other genera.

I started working on my first game from scratch called Fat Fishy! (Thank you to my wife for coming up with the great name) anyways I got that game to a point where I had some friends privately testing it and giving me feedback on what to change adjust etc. When i was working on one of my projects we had some tech miss haps and long story short I ended up with my project files and everything else corrupted :frowning: (lesson here guys… BACK UP BACK UP OFF SITE BACK UP!!)

so I decided that as it was my first try and it was fairly far along I would just publish the last apk that I had created before the disaster. Of course there were a few bugs and some issues with it but i thought i would be proud and post my first ever made game even if it did have a bit of character.

The feedback and what happened next absolutly shocked me. I started to get some 4 and 5 star reviews on the game from people i didnt even know. I got some direct email and messages with thoughts and ideas of how i could make the idea and concept even better. I had alot of people asking me when i would be updating it as they were very excited to see what the idea was going to morph into.

Thanks to all of the great intrest and excitement (if i remember correctly it got around 700 downloads from the playstore) I decided to start from scratch and build the next version of the game with many of the player recomendations and ideas implimented from the start this time. I called this game Fat Fishy 2 - A Fatter Future I currently have recenly released the game as an early alpha test phase to get some feed back and start to build the player base as i continue to work on and update and fix bugs issues etc on the game.

If you guys would like to take a look at the origional (my very first ever made game) or the much improved and expanded on idea (though still rough around the edges) the links to the play store listings are here:

Fat Fishy -
Fat Fishy 2 -

Thank you in advance for taking time out of your busy day to read my post. If you have any thoughts/ideas/suggestions that i could do to improve the 2nd game please feel free to message me on this post or send me a private email or just leave a review/commented suggestion on the game in the playstore. Thank you everyone. I look forward to hearing your thoughts :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention that i also started a company up called SylvirGamerz to publish the games and my future games to come under. I have also gotten accepted to work with the wii u. (though that is looking like it might be something i was a bit late to the boat on now) and am working on a couple other various projects with a few small teams for computer and mobile games to be published in the near future. Thanks again. I would not be anywhere without the learning from your udemy classes!


Nice job. I really like the game!

Thank you very much!

Is there anything that isn’t working or anything that you would like to see me add in the future as i continue to develop the game?

Did you try Fat Fishy or the second one? I am going to assume that you are talking about the second one as that is the one i am currently working on. Just thought I would check to make sure. I appreciate the feed back and comment :slight_smile:

Hi Ryan, good job getting your very first game to this stage. I can see you’ve done a LOT of work on it.

A few things I noticed:

  1. On my 8" ASUS tablet the screen seemed squashed a bit, so text that should have been outside the frame was overlapping it.
    It also meant that some of the pages of text were truncated, e.g. “try burning one and see what…” ends there, at ‘what’.

  2. Generally I was a bit puzzled what to do. I gradually realised there were other locations to visit and do stuff. Perhaps an intro. “You need to do a, b then c”.

  3. Style-wise it seemed to change a bit, maybe keep all the buttons similar sizes and design?

  4. I spotted a few typos/spelling errors which you’re likely aware of already:


Cheers and good luck !

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Thank you very much for the feed back and critiques!

I will take a look at the resolution issues soon here, I just recently learned a way to make sure that the resolutions scale by device screen size through the code that will hopefully fix a lot of the issues there. I also agree that adding more of an intro and how to get started thing would be a great idea. Thank you for taking the time to give it a play and then let me know what you thought.

As far as the style and theme issues I agree I was attempting to get it to more of a unified theme (the overlay with the icons in the top etc. ) are some of the steps i took twords that. After looking at it for so many hundreds of hours working on the same project you start to miss some of the things that you mentioned as far as consistency in the design and typos/needing intros. so i appreciate that feed back. I will work on getting some of those issues as well as the typos addressed with the next update :slight_smile: