Incorporating In Game Payments?

With Google’s “Family Sharing”, the idea of selling a game for a flat price seems to be almost dead. One of the reasons I pulled my two apps from the Play Store a couple months back. I can certainly imagine ways to add in game currency or other power ups, but does anyone know how best to connect those to something to actually take the payments? Is that in the later stages of one of the courses?

If I want to target desktop as well, do I sell through somewhere like BMT or, or is Steam pretty much the only viable channel?

Both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store allow in-app purchases like you described. The payment processing is all done by them and it is against the TOS in both stores to use your own payment processing. Right now rewarded ads are fairly popular and Unity has published some white papers about their effectiveness. I went with rewarded ads through Unity Ads as my monetization strategy. Of course my game isn’t anywhere near popular enough so far to make any substantial amount of money.

I’m not familiar with the in-app purchases in non-mobile games so I’m no help at all regarding that.

For the Google Play Store, are there any code examples for Unity to send a request to “charge user $1.99 for 10K in game currency”, and then to get the result that the payment was successfully made or not?

Ads are ok, but they require you to add permissions that some folks (like myself) may find concerning, and you aren’t always sure if the ad network is serving malware that could get YOUR app in trouble.


Unity provides services that make this easy.

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!