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Hi everyone,
I have not finished the course yet, what happens is, I like to see the whole course at once and then do it. I love how it tackles everything from basic modeling to fine detail, texturing, manual texture painting, animation, and Unity integration. Congratulations!!!

The main reason for my question is that I miss the subtitles. Not only because of me, since English is not my mother tongue but because I have deaf-mute friends and they tell me that many courses in any field (3d, videogames, programming, etc.) cannot take them because they do not include subtitles, since they it makes it very difficult for them to follow the videos if only the instructor screen is displayed. Even when they are small, they can’t lip read like that, so they need subtitles to be able to follow the course.

I have generated the subtitles of the course and I leave it as an attachment, in case you want to include it in the course player (CC button).

Again, I congratulate you on the course because it is very complete.

Cheers Grant Abbitt & Rick Davidson,



Probably an @Rick_Davidson or @sampattuzzi on this as not sure where we are at subs on teachable as they dont provide them

Thanks Marc,
If it can be done it would be great. Anyway,
I have generated the subtitles for the entire course. In the link you put in my previous message.
They are not perfect because you have to transcribe the technicalities and some more words but hey, they are quite legible.

I leave it to you in case you can use them, or whoever needs them.

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