Include Error for one specific header file (Toon Tanks)

Hello there,

I am trying to do the ToonTanks chapter on camera shake.
First, I figured out that MatineeCameraShake has been renamed to LegacyCameraShake, with the new include being #include "LegacyCameraShake.h".

However, when I try to work with that, the compiler can’t seem to find the file:

I’ve checked that the header file does indeed exist and it is the only header file I’ve ever had problems with.

I’ve tried googling, but none of the solutions I’ve found* did anything. Any ideas?

*most of them included deleting BuildConfiguration.xml in mutliple locations, but I’m not sure I got all of them.

One thing to note: I am running UE 5.4.2, but started the project while running 5.3.x. I switched versions when I did a reinstall, I suspect there might be some fuckery involved here.

I also posted this in the comments(?) of the video because I thought it would bring me to the forums as the old site did, but apparently this is not so, so please excuse the double post.

Sorry I didn’t see your post (or I answered on a different platform?) but you would need to add " GameplayCameras" to your dependencies in your Build.cs in order to use that class.

However you don’t need to use that class in the C++ code. You can just use UCameraShakeBase.

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