#include "Component/CameraComponent.h"

Hi Guys

I am doing the course Unreal Engine 5 C++ Developer: Learn C++ & Make Video Games Crypt raider. I am trying to Pick up , rotate and throw the Object.

when I include #include “PickupAndRotateActor/PickupAndRotateActor.h”

The Error message is :
D:\Unreal Engine five Cpp Developer Learn C ppand Make video Games\CryptRaider\Rebulid\Pick_UP_Rotate\Source\Pick_UP_Rotate\Pickup.h(7): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘PickupAndRotateActor/PickupAndRotateActor.h’: No such file or director

I have tried open it from the Unreal Engine but still not working.

Could you show your file structure please?

Oh Daniel Is that you? Hi a gain

I was intended to Pick up the actor (gygarol, box etc rotate it, zoom to it and throw it.
The image shows Dot H file for Pickup. I have chosen this name because of save time but it will do the rotation and others.

Dot Pick up CPP:

Character dot H

Character Dot CPP:

Unreal engine message:

How do u know the replaced directory or altered ?!

Where’s the PickupAndRotateActor that you’re trying to include?