Importing Objects

Hello guys. Can anyone tell me how to import obj files into blender 2.80 beta? I know how but when I click import after selecting the file blender hangs and closes. How do I solve this?

I have no experience with this. But maybe install version 2.79. Import there, and export as .blend file.
Or, if you have access to the original .obj source, export to a different file type.

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2.79 files might not export and reimport to 2.8 so give Pete’s suggest a try

I decided to look into this since I happen to have an .obj file I downloaded for another project and had no problem importing the model. My steps

Open new Blender file
Navigate: File —> Import —> Wavefront (.obj)
Navigate to the file to be imported
double click the file

Oh it didn’t seem to import for me. Will try on my new i9 PC as I’m trying on my potato i3 4005u laptop.

Thank god it has a GeForce 920M. Or else, I would’ve become baked potato. Big thing that Blender’s running.

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Can you update us on this so we can close it in the support queue here :slight_smile:

Hoping that it worked on the new pc.

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