Implement a secondary weapon slot (RPG Inventory Systemn)

Hi! I’m using what we worked in the RPG Inventory as a base for my game. I designed a game with 2 types of slot: magical slots (4 lots, triggered with numbers 1-4) and weapon slots (2 slots, triggered with LMB and RMB). So, if you have a weapon, you can equip in whatever of the two weapon slots.

The problem I’m facing is that we can only equip weapon in weapon slot, helmet in helmet slot, etc. There is no weapon alternate slot.

Is there any easy way to implement this feature? I already started duplicating some scripts, but I stopped because I don’t know if I’m doing the right way.


Change the enum in EquipLocation.cs ( to include a secondary weapon slot. Assign a new UI box for that slot.

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