I'm kinda lost

After doing the “Finish It!” course I found myself a little lost, my project has become stale, and I don’t even know where to go from where I currently am.

That’s a lie, I do know where to go from there, I’m just not finding the motivation. I keep asking myself “why”, without a strong answer, my why just dissappeared, I lost it and to be honest I don’t want it back in my life (you probably already guessed it’s a person). Now I just can’t find a why powerful enough to keep me moving forward.

I decided to google it, “How can I find a why, a reason”, google is almost as lost as me but I did find something useful, a phrase that I want to share with you guys “Act as if you are already where you want to be”, really powerful stuff but it wasn’t enough.

Why do I want to be there? I found no answer that could make me stand up. The question rises, What is going on? And who could I ask? Of course my first anwser was a psychiatrist but I’ve been to therapy enough times to know that the answer lies withing me so I asked myself and the answer was quite surprising actually. I’ve been doing stuff I don’t want to do, for instance, I got a small job as a sprite artist just today, I don’t want that… I want to keep working on my projects and stuff, Why did I do that? Because is what is expected from me, to have a job, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I found out that I’m like freaking lighting, I’m full of energy, I’m all over the place and branch too much but that energy dissapears just as fast as it comes. That’s bad, that’s terrible, and that’s exactly what I’ve been told all my life, to be something I’m not, to be super organized, to focus on one thing, to do this, to do that, all my life has been like that, What I’m supposed to do then?

Very simple answer actually, just freaking be myself, be lighting, I now this sounds like motivational sutff and mystical energies and other things like that, but seriously, that’s why I always failed at school, all my teachers always told me “you do great in tests but you never do your projects nor homework and that’s why you keep failing”, my focus span is pretty small, like super small, but it’s pretty powerful, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do know, work in very small spans, that’s how I finished that “Alice In Wonderland” thing I did for the weekly Blender thingy, I finished it in 30 minutes, and I’m not really good at Blender…

So, I’ll call this Project Self, yes, I like naming stuff because reasons. I’ll pay attention to what my passions are, to my “whys” and be myself, let’s see where that leads me to, I’m actually excited, and that’s something I always negate about myself, I like to experiment things, try new things no matter how weird of exotic those are… All this time my Harry Potter tests was right, I belong in Ravenclaw xD


This was beautiful. :clap: You should be proud of yourself. This takes courage to really say all the things you said. It’s not easy to admit that sometimes you get lost and that sometimes you lose your why and don’t know what to do. I feel like I was also where you are now a month ago. I want you to know that this is one of my favorite posts and I hope more people read it. It’s an important message for everyone to do what they believe is right and not what everyone else says to do.


Thanks for your constant replies and support! :smiley:
You’ve helped a lot this last month!


I’m always here if you need anything :slight_smile:


I know it’s already been said, but thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I was in the same situation or maybe I still am :sweat_smile:, and while I was reading your post I felt relief and inspired, thank you :blue_heart:


Of course anytime! It’s not always easy. Sometimes you need to try something else and then come back with a more relaxed state and fresh eyes.


Indeed! Trying new things always helps!

Now I’m trying to really focus only on inputs instead of outputs, I’m not even committing to anything at this point, just trying to have fun and put a little effort everyday. To me it has been hard every time I cannot complete a commitment, I always end up punishing myself waaaaay to hard, ending up in a vicious circle of tireness and self-punishment, so I decided to gamify my life, I’ve tried that on the past, but now I’m actually applying game design principles to make it easier to follow and more fun!

I wrote something about what I’m doing but it got deleted by the mods O_O, someone flagged it as innapropiate, don’t know why, maybe because one of my drawings, it was a guy without a shirt, maybe that’s why, who knows, but this made me realize, I need a blog of my own for this kind of posts xD


Yes! I think that is going to be a great idea. I always like to reward myself at the end of the day for all the hard work I did that day. Even if I don’t make any progress in my eyes I say well I have tomorrow so let me relax and come back tomorrow ready to tackle the task again.

Yeah, I saw that and I’m not sure why. Actually if you want I can talk to Lucy and you can post for GameDev.tv’s blog and I promise your posts there won’t get deleted :wink:

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