Im having issues with my bull cow game

Im having pretty bad issues with my bull cow game im unable to continue with the course, somebody help me:c

I hope someone help me

Is Windows and your GPU drivers up to date?

Yes it is i already updated everything, but i have the same error

Try verifying your engine installation.

Okay let my try the version that i have to use is 4.22 or 4.25 ? because im using 4.22

I was just saying use Verify as seen in that screenshot. It’s on that drop down menu for whatever version you have.

yes i did, but still the same error so im not sure if its something on my code or my unreal

I doubt it as it’s rendering code in the engine where the crash occurs.

D3D11 - Direct3D 11
RHI - Rendering Hardware Interface

RHI being the rendering interface between the platform independent code with the underlying platform dependent implementation

RHI = Rendering Hardware Interface. It’s the C++ interface which the high-level platform-independent rendering code in Unreal Engine 4 uses to communicate with the several platform-dependent implementations that exist for Direct3D, OpenGL, etc.

- Tim Sweeney

Was this working previously? If yes, what did you change - if anything - between it working and crashing?

Well everything was fine im not sure if i change anything i supose not but well i may have configure something wrong and thats way im getting this error, but im not pretty sur what could it be.

But you think that if i start over again since te begining of the bull cow lesson and also y uninstall and install again the unreal enginge this error might be solve?

Well I would suggest double checking drivers/OS are up to date first. Otherwise what you suggested is worth trying.

Does the crash happen at a specific point like BeginPlay?

Well The issue start when i finshed the code of the lesson “member variables” and after i wrote the code i tried to compile it and the error appeared so i might did something wrong on that lesson, but also im going to check again my updates and my drivers and also restart the bull cow game just to make sure, so thank you for your help im going to try reestarte all and double checking my updates and if anything goes wrong ill let you know i apreciatte the help

Hey i did everything again and i might move something wrong before because everything its fine but im just having really long compiling times, i alredy did the process that appears on the lesson 51 and it worked for a whil but now im not sure why the compiling times are to long

If you are using a HDD that is probably why. I’d suggest you have the project and engine on an SSD.