Im having a lot of errors in my project

I’m following the unreal engine 4 C++ course and i have a problem every time i try to compile or save my code these error appear i don’t know why this is happening i followed the course so i don’t think its something with my code but i put it here anyway i hope you will help me
(sorry if my English is broken)

// Fill out your copyright notice in the Description page of Project Settings.
#include "BullCowCartridge.h"

void UBullCowCartridge::BeginPlay() // When the game starts

    // welcoming the player
    PrintLine(TEXT("welcome to Bull Cow game!"));
    PrintLine(TEXT("guess the 4 letter word")); // magic number remove!
    PrintLine(TEXT("press Enter to continue..."));

    SetUpGame(); // setting the game 

    // prompt player for guess

void UBullCowCartridge::OnInput(const FString& Input) // When the player hits enter

    // checking player guess 

    if (HiddenWord == Input)
        PrintLine(TEXT("you have won!"));
        if (Input.Len() != HiddenWord.Len())
            PrintLine(TEXT("the hidden word is 4 letters long, try again!")); // magic number
        PrintLine(TEXT("you have lost"));

    // check if isogram
    // prompt to guess again
    // check right number of characters 
    // prompt to guess again 

    // remove life

    // check if lives > 0
    // if yes guess again 
    // show lives left 
    // if no show gameover and hidden word?
    // prompt to play again, press enter to play again?
    // check user input 
    // play again or quit


void UBullCowCartridge::SetUpGame()
    HiddenWord = TEXT("cake");
    Lives = 4;

You get that when pressing Compile?


i fixed the problem but thanks anyway

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