I'm confused, I don't know which version of the Toon Tanks project to download

In the beginning of the Toon Tanks section of the unreal engine course it says download the project given to you, i checked the lecture’s resources and there is no download, except the github commit. So i go look for it in the very first lecture and I found it, but there is absolutely no starter content whatsoever. So then I go to the github commit and download that one, but it is the completed project. I don’t know what to do please help.

Lecture 132 has two versions depending on the Unreal version. Not a complete project but something you will start with.

so i checked in the base files and the stuff is there, but when i launch unreal engine using the .uproject file it doesn’t include any of the stuff

Which version of Unreal are you running. I ran the newer version 4.25 I think it was of udemy. It is a blueprint project so it is a little different, you will be walked through how to use it. But it doesn’t include much

ok thanks, i was using 4.25 as well, i will try to do what you say, but for me it doesn’t include anything in the content folder, don’t know if that is supposed to happen or not, but we will see

oh wait what! it just all of a sudden worked! Thank you for your help, i appreciate it

Happy to hear that. Not sure what may have happened.

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