Ignoring Dead Enemies

Dead enemies aren’t worth stressing about, don’t let them get under your skin. :slight_smile:
Any questions or comments about this lecture?

Interesting choice to add another method for this issue, Did you guys consider just setting the collider.enabled to false? Can do the same with the NavMeshAgent and then you can just walk on the dead body :stuck_out_tongue: but atleast without the collider you cant raycast it.

Yep, we considered that. We like the realism of needing to walk around the bodies and not clipping straight through them. Also, we need some way of being able to click on them to get loot.

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After toying with that simple fix a bit, I decided on pretty much the same conclusion. My thought process was like, well I could make a vanish in X amount of seconds method and then spawn in a loot bag…but that just kept going down the rabbit hole, I settled on the CanAttack() as well.

Cool. And yeah, depends a lot on what behaviour you want. We want our enemies to stick around and be on the ground even if we go off to another level and come back… kinda grim but I think makes for a more entertaining journey if we have the player coming and going through the same areas.

Needs more blood particle effects! Lol, anyhow awesome I am enjoying the remake so sally fourth and carry on Sir Peasant of Knights!

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Animation wont play on duplicated objects(AKA Control + D). Just in case someone runs into the same problem. (Unity 2018.3.5f1)

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