Iam Facing A Problem

iam creating a game snow bros

enemy movement hard?


The video is not working. What exactly is your problem? And in which section and lecture are you?

i am creating a game called snow bros 90’s game
enemy movement i don’t understand

I don’t know any game called snow bros. Have you already completed the Tile Vania section in the Unity 2D course?


this game

are you there?

I don’t have the Flash Player installed on my PC. What exactly do you want to achieve? What have you tried to make your idea work?


Hey ‘1115’ You are coming off as really rude to Nina. You’re demanding help on something not directly part of the Udemy courses, without having the courtesy to clearly and calmly explain the challenge you face, and what steps you’ve taken yourself, and you didn’t even take the time to produce a video transcript in a visible format without expecting us to compromise our ICT security policies.

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