I want my old auto naming back! (Unity 5.5)

I’ve noticed the old naming for example

Object A
Object B (Duplicated Object A)


Object 1
Object 2 (Duplicate of Object 1)

Doesn’t happen anymore. if i try this on Unity 5.5, lets give the numbers as an example I get

Object 1
Object 1 (1)

I don’t know when they changed this, but it’s really annoying and unhelpful…

Does anybody know how to change this back? Let me know if you do!


Nope, unless you go back to an older version.

What you can do though, assuming you want to name multiple objecta the same, is select all of the items to rename in the Hierarchy, then type the name for them into the Inspector, all of the items will be renamed the same.

Aw Rob, my fellow South Westian, you’ve failed me lol. I don’t really want them named the same, I just want the 1,2,3 or A, B, C etc to increment depending on how I’ve named it. I wonder why they changed that??

Oh well, more work for me I guess! Thanks anyways :slight_smile:

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