I Started the Finish It Course

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

I’ve been doing the Finish It course for about a week or so. It is totally amazing. I was telling my wife about it this morning. I told her that I can see now that projects are not just another item to put on your To Do List. Their not the same as “take out the trash” or something. Projects take the time they need, you need to set goals and be prepared for the inevitable distractions. This is what I’ve gotten out of the course so far. I’m now on Column 2, on the How section.

The funny thing to me is that my reason for buying this course was because I wasn’t getting through the Unity 2D course which is also taught by Rick.

And I also have the Unity 3D course and the Core RPG course. Don’t ask me to list the other Udemy course I have not done nor completed, nor what other courses and projects I’ve never completed so far in my life :slight_smile:

So yea. I feel that this course can and probably will change my life forever,

If I finish it.

Let’s see. What waits for me (and all off us) tomorrow?

Thanks, Guys.
And a big thanks to Rick and Ben too!

Update Dec 12, 2020;
I got side tracked. But I’m back on the course again. But I’m restarting from the beginning now. I feel I need the refresher.

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That course is really cool, the best course Gamedev.tv has to offer, in my opinion but it’s actually quite hard, I didn’t got the results I wanted, that’s on me tho.