I need help again [Question] [Picture]

Im trying to scale this part of my project but it keeps moving weird. idk if i pressed something but if someone could help that would be great?? Thanks in advance.

Hi John,

I have moved your post to the Blender category as the Platform Issues category is meant for issues with the GameDev.tv platform, e.g. an issue with the forum or if ShareMyGame.com wasn’t responding etc.

hmm what your asking is a little unclear. and the screenshot angle is poor. however ima take a shot at what your asking for from how i read your post

Assuming you are trying to move the orange faces without moving the top faces that arn’t selected.
First you would need to create 2 edge loops around the selection you currently have than make sure that you dont not have these selected when you scale so that you dont scale the entire top.

Hopefully this makes sense. or is anything close to what your after. if not i hope this brings more people into the conversation and you get the help that you are after

Hi John_Green,

I am guessing your pivot point is incorrect when you are trying to scale multiple faces at the same time.

In the default 3d view editor view down where you have menu and “edit mode” and “object mode” drop down, there’s shading option right to it and then the pivot point drop down. Check that you have “median point” if you are selecting multiple faces. I am guessing you have now “active element” which could cause this issue.

Hope this helps! If this was not your problem then better screenshots / copy of your project is required. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Jax

Oh sorry im still new with this thanks for the help.

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Thank you so much Jax, i wouldve never seen that. That was it. Now its working fine

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No problem :slight_smile:

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