I made this

I really love the look of stylized characters and thought to challenge myself to model real people in a stylized version. This is Sancho a twitch streamer. Really fun making this and got to learn Marvelous design too for the clothing.


Excellent project!
Maybe a bit more frame space around the subject (shoes).

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Definitely a learning experience when you model based off of somebody else, really good job with this model, the jacket and trendy Nike shoes stand out to me, nice work!


That looks a very good character. Never heard of him, always worth remembering when showing off real people creations, most will never have seen them before especially in international audiences. Let alone esoteric Twitter ‘streamers’.

Thanks. Ill post a close up to the shoes

Thanks! I wasn’t anticipating the shoes to be that eye catching but I guess they turned out great


Thanks. I understand. Next time Ill add their picture for comparisons.

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