I have no control over cameras

Has anybody have an idea as to how to control the movements of the camera. I seem to have no control over their movements. Here are the images rendered by my camera, after I have some have able to make my camera look at the main subjects

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Yeah, I find having to move the camera around annoying, so I use the game camera. Press 0 on the number pad to go to camera view. Then press shift+F to get in to the first person game camera and you can walk around the scene with WASD, just like in a first person game. The mouse will guide the view and Q and E go up and down. Left click will place the camera adjustment and right click will cancel it.


This is wonderful but I am afraid i shall forget the shortcut, can you point me where can i find it in menu?

Okay, you’re going to the View menu and selecting camera. Then while the camera perspective is on the screen go back into the view menu and select Navigation. From the menu that comes up select Walk Navigation.

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This is really good, thanks

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A few shortcuts for moving the camera around that I found useful, though if you want to move the camera while you’re using these and not just the editor view you gotta select “Lock Camera to View” under:
Properties (“N”) > View > Lock Camera to View.

Then go into Camera View (“0” on the number pad to go in and out of camera view) and try these out.

1.) Hold “Shift” + Scroll with “Mouse Wheel” = Moves camera up and down in increments.

2.) Hold “Ctrl” + Scroll with “Mouse Wheel” = Moves camera left to right in increments.

3.) Hold “Shift” + Hold “Ctrl” + Scroll with “Mouse Wheel” = Tilts camera left and right.

4.) Hold “Shift” + Hold “Ctrl” + Press and Hold “Mouse Wheel” & move mouse = activates Camera dolly

5.) Hold “Shift” + Hold "Alt " + Scroll with “Mouse Wheel” = Rotating around (selected) object in increments.

Number 4, the camera dolly, is actually REALLY useful, because where zoom sometimes clips and doesn’t let you zoom any further in, the camera dolly way has no clip and you can even zoom past the object. It’s also great for animation!

If for some reason you tilt, rotate, zoom in and out to the point where you can’t level your camera again because it just got soooo messed up. You can revert everything back to the way it was by pressing: “.” (period) to zoom back to your selected object and pressing any of the appropriate keys on the “number pad” (such as front, side, or top view) and you’ll basically have it straight and lined up again :slight_smile:

“.” (period) Might also help you “focus” your view on the subjects that you specifically want (JUST MAKE SURE you have the object you want to focus on selected before pressing it! Otherwise it’ll do a different function of which I’m not sure of xD).

Though I know shortcuts can be hard to remember, they help make things easier and faster in the long run! I highly recommend practicing with them, and even writing a cheat-sheet for yourself of all the ones you find helpful and worth remembering. Also keep plenty of save files in case you hit a wrong shortcut and can’t revert your work!

Hope this all helps!


I am using a laptop and currently not thinking to purchase a mouse. Thanks for the numerous shortcuts provided, I shall keep these in mind. Thank you very much

You can get a usb mouse for really cheap, probably could even find one for 5 bucks! I highly recommend it if you’re 3D modeling. Not having one may be why you’re having issues controlling the camera!

I don’t have enough space around my laptop, but if i face problems i am definitely going to buy usb mouse as you suggested.

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