I have a question about sprite animation + Try my game!

Hello everyone,

I just finished my own version of Laser Defender and would like to share my game here to everyone. Please give it a try and let me know what you think. (Note: I haven’t downloaded Unity 5 yet, so the link only works with FireFox.)

About my question: I want to to add sprite animation to my ship (i.e. a sequence of png pictures that are called continuously every frame to create animation effect.) How can I make that happen? I would like to hear all of your suggestions.

Thank you and have a nice day,


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Hi @Tuan_Nguyen,

If you were to have your sprites in one file you could open this in Unity and use the Sprite Editor to slice them apart.

Under Assets if you click on the spaceship file and expand the tray so you can see all of the sliced images, select the first, hold down shift, select the last and then drag them into the hierarchy. This should automatically create an animation clip for you.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’ve just played your game also… I love the music… brilliant… it’s sound familiar and I can’t think why, like from a movie but really suits the game. The graphics are great, and I love the flying saucer kind of big space ship that appears… I didn’t want to see it but the explosion when I died was very nice too… really great effort…

Some ideas for taking it further;

  • Perhaps add some indication of when the shots fired by the player hit the enemy ship (maybe it flashes/flickers or something)
  • Display the score in the main game scene (I didn’t notice it but saw it when I died, I want to know how awesome I am!)
  • Lives - only having 1 life is a bit too hard core for an ageing player like myself, I’m tradition and like my games to start with 3! :slight_smile: display them in the game too
  • Power Ups - multi shot, shield, constant beam laser, extra life, score multiplier, score bonus, nuke!
  • Power Downs - slow ship movement, remove multi shot if present, slower firing, shield removal
  • Levels - maybe display the level that I am currently playing just as it starts, next time I play I know I want to get to at least level ## etc
  • Alien shots - the graphic is great, but it doesn’t animate, if these were spinning or flashing or something I think it would make them look more interesting

Really nice game though, I am off to play it again! :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you Rob. I am planning on making this game better and publishing it on the app store, so I will sure make some change to it and will post an update here once I finish the project.

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Hi @Tuan_Nguyen, you are more than welcome, and I will look forward to seeing your update :slight_smile: