I have a hand problem

I was wondering how one should approach fixing mistakes to characters at later stage. My Orc has too small hands:

From the top view it’s ok(ish):

so more or less I would have to re-do the fingers, as the fist is too flat.

But the problem right now is that the mesh is quite detailed (2M verts) so it’s slow and error prone to move larger part of the mesh.

How can I approach it?

(2nd question, but related to the first)

If I decided to have open hand instead of fingers - how would I approach that. Especially, I would like to “flatten” the existing fingers and then could probably add some new objects for fingers and model them separately and then join them (or maybe there is some other/better workflow?). The “flatten” part in this eludes me for this geometry (tried both smooth brush and flatten brush and it lags and works really slowly for this level of detail).

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The sculpting toolset contains a scaling tool.

For the hand I would blockmodel the hand, sculpt detail and then merge together with the orc.
which needs manual (sculping) correcting due to merging two different models.

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And how would you remove the old hands? Booleans?

vertices delete.

Ah, so simply delete the vertices. That’s too obvious :smiley:. I think I need to drink some :coffee:

I think, it is a difficult path. Save your work !!! It is destructive.

Yes, I keep all the work backuped in the perforce, so I have couple of steps to fall back on. I still need to decide if I want to fix the hands or keep it as it is and progress with the course… I’m on the edge now…

I decided to carry on with improper hands… It’s the decision I made with loads of hesitation, but I want to finish the course and do the other orc as a challenge. There I’ll take care of all the details and this tip will come in handy if I mess something up…


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