I finished my Escape version!

Hi everyone!

I did it, finally! After a month of going back and forth between Building Escape and getting my driver’s license, I managed to get the final challenge done.

The demo video of my work can be found here until I manage to put it on a more stable platform. I’m warning you now, the video is 8 minutes long :wink:

If you have any kind of feedback for my map, I’d be more than happy to hear it!



This really nice work !

What did u use to attach the coin ?

And pls use first person character :pray:

Thank you! :smiley:

“Attached” was the wrong word for it really, I was still using the grabber, just the way the coin was flying by was a little weird ahah :joy:

When you say “first person character”, you mean an actual character model rather than the DefaultPawn_BP, right?

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Congratulations !! Life gets the best of us sometimes but great job for sticking to it!

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yeah actual character model with forwards and backwards right and left inputs

but its just me i hate the player controller of DefaultPawn :confused:

and for the grabber just use longer arm i think