I don't understand something

So, I just watched Section 2, Lecture 37, and I am a bit confused. When we started our Pyramid, I am pretty sure the instructor scaled his first cube and worked with it from there. I instinctively just changed the dimensions of my cube instead of scaling. @Marc_Carlyon Why would one want to scale the first cube, instead of just making it the proper size through the Dimensions Panel?

Hi John,

I admit this part can be a little confusing and it does become a lot more clear in later sections,
Most Blender objects consist of two parts: an Object that holds spatial information like position, rotation and scale, and and ObData part that holds the geometry. Each Object is unique, but the ObData parts can be shared by many Objects (linked duplicates).

When you scale something, you are changing the Object value. When you work in Edit mode, you are changing the ObjData itself.

This means when you change the dimensions its only editing the object value and not the data which causes issues later.

Ok, that is a lot to take in. I will continue with the course and see how it goes. Thank you so much for the reply.

Always a pleasure but i will try to put it a little easier to understand at this stage.
Basically changing the dimensions in object mode edits the object but not the underlying mesh. It means the transforms wont be applied to the mesh unless we apply them manually.
Scaling them after they are added does both and is not destructive. There are reasons to do it in object mode but they are covered later too :slight_smile:

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