I don't have a New Project Folder in Unity 4.7.2

I have Unity 4.7.2. When I open Unity and click on “open others” in the open project section, I don’t see a New Unity Project folder in the Documents section. Do I create a new project instead?

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If you don’t have any Unity projects already on your PC then yes, create “New” from the window instead of “Open”.

Also, you may find it better to have a separate directory on the root of a drive rather than adding your projects to your \user directory, for example;




Sometimes there can be permissions issues with the \user directory which have more strict permissions, this will vary on your setup etc.

Hi Rob, thanks for the help. But I have another question. When I go to the “New” window in the wizard then do I check all the boxes?

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Hi @Anhad_Singh,

Can you pop a screenshot up so that I can see the screen you are referring to? I suspect it’s the screen for installing the various assets that you can use within Unity but I would like to be sure before I advise. :slight_smile:

Here you go.

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These are the standard assets that you can use with Unity.

You shouldn’t need anything other than any default options selected at this stage. You can always install any extras you require later from within Unity.

Equally you could install the lot now but it will take up a chunk of hard drive space you may prefer to keep. Also, later in the course you upgrade to Unity 5 anyway, I would personally leave the options as they are.

Thanks for the help Rob. I appreciate it.

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You are very welcome :slight_smile:

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