I can Hear the engine roar! ;)

Need to get back to this and finish it. Jumped to character section too soon and enjoying it too much :wink:


Very good vehicles, nicely textures too.

Thanks NP5. It means allot.
Textures are just noise texture on 3 wheeler with colour ramp and sandstone texture on small one. Feels like cheating.

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Well that is good use of procedural textures, makes a good camouflage paint effect. It would be a lot of work using image based textures.


These look amazing! Keep it up!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:
Got to finish it at some point :roll_eyes: :joy:

Lol I totally get it, just dedicate 5 minutes minumum a day and Iโ€™m willing to bet that if you stick with that, theyโ€™ll be done before you know it!

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