I am always getting odd things like this

I am always getting these odd little things in my work and I have no idea why. I am pretty much following along exactly with just a little bit of my own choices. Here you can see I have selected all of the faces and started to extrude them inward. Then, there is just that one little odball item.

No idea where that line came from. Any ideas? How do I stop that from happening? What is the best way to remove it?

So, I decided to try to select the edge and delete it. I did. Now I have this problem.

I have tried deleting edge, face, and vertices and it will not go away.

Hi there, @Marc_Carlyon may be able to help as a starting point.

Good luck!

Hi @JohnH2005

From looking at the first image you have there it looks to me that when the top part of the pyramid was made it was extruded up but not moved. Remember if you extrude but right click it still extrudes just by 0.
When you have gone to extrude them inwards by face there is an edge not selected as the two faces are not selectable as they are within the model.

The second image i can see that its still part of the pyramid and is selectable and not quite sure how it got to this point.
One thing you could try is removing doubles which is on the left panel there.

If that does not help solve the issue could you possibly post a screenshot of the wireframe view (The drop down next to edit mode has a wire ball symbol) then we can see whats going on in a bit more detail.

Good luck and thanks for the heads up Ben

Well, I wound up not saving that. I went back and did it again all over.

New Result:

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Nice result on the second attempt there.
Not sure what happened with the previous model after the extruding but maybe accidentally hit a shortcut for the subdivision modifier on that edge and it glitched.

Glad you got the model complete but keep an eye on it in case it occurs again :slight_smile:
You can always get me in the Q&A or @ me here on the forums or the discord channel :slight_smile:

Here is another thing I am having problems with. No idea why it does this…

Clipping in Blender following Section 3, Lecture 44

Hi John,

Ive been trying to replicate this and unfortunatly i have not been able to.
I wonder if it might be prudent to do a reinstall of blender to see if thats the issue (Dont use the steam one its causing more problems than its worth atm!)

Let me know if a reinstall fixes the issue.

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