Humpty Blocks



Haha I love this! This is incredible! Can I share this with the team and the community?


Thanks ! yes indeed. It’s been a collaboration to be honest. Minguel Angel Yee got game working properly with his excellent coding skills plus also thanks to Nina and Carre who helped a great deal too. There is 1 thing that needs attention but it’s pretty much there.

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yesss you did it! :smiley:
All those backgrounds! Love the style, very much like a children’s book.

Can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do for your next project :relaxed:

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ha ha ha ! well played :smiley: think i need to add in a few more levels and make them a bit harder lol

Can anyone else win the golden cup ? :wink:

I was getting close but the ball got stuck :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks amazing and plays really well!

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thats never happened before hmmm could do with taking those blocks down a touch thanks :smiley:

No prob. You did really good!

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Amazing work on the art, lvl design, animation, sound, gameplay!
Such an unique and positive way to make a block breaker.
Congrats on the game!

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