Huge assortment of mobile devices. Welcome to the HD/UD problem


One of the most important things I’ve had to learn when designing a mobile game is how to make it look clean and polished on a huge variety of mobile devices. Imagine the frustration of building a game for mobile and realizing that it looks crisp and clean on one device, but looks stretched and blurry on another. Or creating UD assets for a high-end device and realizing that those same graphics eat up all the memory on a low-end device thus making the game virtually unplayable. In Unity, this problem is solved with AssetBundles, but there are no tutorials on this. Also can be solve with the Resource folder, but highly not recommended do to performance issues. Do you think the GameDev team should focus on this? Or do you have a custom solution to this problem? Please comment; I would love to hear it.


I know this is part of the reason many developers do iOS first. Just a smaller number of devices compared to android. Not wanting to start a war with this comment, just an observation and something I have read many times on developer blogs.