How To Share Projects: Physics Based Platforming Shooter (I'm Just Starting Out)


I must admit, I’m quite literally just starting out so at this stage all I have is an idea but Rick challenged us to share what we have right now, so here it is:

A 2D platforming game where the main mechanic is that the playable character uses a gun’s recoil to affect his trajectory in the air. Some details I’m considering are limitations like: the gun is a revolver so there are only six shots and you cannot reload in the air, a time limit or a limited amount of ammo in a given stage. Maybe the time limit and limited ammo per stage would work better as a separate mode and the main game would be more accessible. There will, of course, be enemies and bosses but at this point I believe the main point of the game is the unique platforming this sort of set-up can offer.

Anyway, does this seem to be a good direction or is there anything to add? Thanks. :smiley: