How to Respawn player to his last location _ Crystal caven project

Hi, I wanna create a situation when the player fall in to the world ( the trigger box) to do not restart the level, instead I want to respawn the player to his last location before it fell to the trigger box.
I try many blueprint code but the code wouldn’t execute because this no way to know every last location of the ball on every tick when it is on the floor.
Is there a way that I can implement that?


Might not want to get it every single time anyway if you can as that would be continuous usage.

Technically, you should be able to though with probably something like the course grabber where they have the coordinates with that. You would just save the one at the time of each contact with the floor.

Otherwise I think you could probably just update once per surface or something and then start in the middle.

There’s likely at least a few other ways to go like including something where ever you want the player to spawn and just spawning at the closest one that has been reached. In this case, you wouldn’t need to do continuous updates but just update when reaching another and could save performance.

However you do it is up to you though. Everyone will decide differently.

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