How to not automatically save when "Starting without debugging"

Not sure if this has been asked before or not.
I was just wondering why VS has to save every time I run my code without debugging?
I’m just afraid for the future when I’ve done lots of coding that I’m trying and I run it and needing to save it.
Is there a way around this?
Thanks in advanced, and I hope my question was clear enough.

Well in order to compile the file as it is with the changes you made… the file needs to be saved. And the fears you are talking about is why source control is a thing.

Is there a work around this? Is there a way to save the entire solution as a new solution in order to keep a checkpoint as such?

Just setup version control, it solves your entire problem. The first couple of videos in section 3 Building Escape covers this or you can use Google.

Completely agree with DanyM source control is what you want and need.

I use Git even for my assets for same reasons so I can easily undo stuff. Of course with text files Git gives more flexibility but still it’s good enough for binary files.