How to keep promises to myself?

Hi everyone!

First time posting here, and I’m usually not a person who participates in online forums. But after the excellent lecture on asking others, I thought I should get out of my shell.

I just watched the lecture on “Being Specific” in the “Finish It” course and I recognize the funk you get in when you break promises to yourself too often. I’ve gotten into this bad habit and now I don’t trust promises to myself anymore. For what it’s worth: I go to great lengths to finish things for others (paying clients, volunteering work, my family), but my personal projects are an avenue of broken promises even when I tell family and friends about them and they regularly ask me how I’m progressing. Are there others here who recognize this problem? And what are your strategies to rebuild trust in yourself?

edit: after I wrote this down, I realize I might have a people pleasing problem. I seem to always prioritize other people’s projects over my own.

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