How to go about this Model? Flat, Knife-tool related, medium LOD

I’m trying to make a model of a Famicom Disk, but I don’t know where to start. Here are my problems.

  1. The knife tool seems a little unaccurate for this kind of stuff and doesn’t cut through on both sides unless I go over the cuts twice.
  2. My reference image isn’t super HQ so it’s blurry around the indentations of the plastic where I’m supposed to cut.
  3. There’s a curve in the center, both for the internal disk (which I don’t intend on modelling) and the curve around it - that “U” shape you see imprinted. How on earth do I model that? Do I make a mesh in that shape and Boolean on both sides twice to carve out the shape, or do I apply the Bezier right to the mesh? (I had a lot of trouble when I tried the latter.)

Any help is appreciated. This may be a little out of my skill level.

Wow! To anyone with my problems, use knife project, learn to use it. As for the ref image, I’ll find a higher quality one.

Use mesh tools, like loop-cuts. Use normal maps. Use boolean modifier.
All things you will learn, be patient.

Have fun.

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