How do I get the objects to mirror?


This is my first time using blender and being in this community. I am currently on the Well lesson. I have a question, I want to make a mirror of the tiles so I can place it on the other side of the roof. But I can’t seem to get it right, the tiles doesn’t overlap correctly after I rotated it. How do I get it to mirror? Thank you!

  1. You need a centre point to mirror on! Best way is to use an empty at the center of the construction.
  2. Because you have many individual roof tiles, each of them needs to be mirrored on the central empty.

You can also combine all the roof tiles into one object by joining them into one. And mirror that single object. Select all then press ctrl j.

You can set up a good mirror modification of a single tile. And copy that modifier to all others.
Select all tiles (dark orange) and as last the correct tile (bright orange). Then Ctrl L
For the linked menu, select modifiers.


Without needing to dive into advanced topics… your issue here is just your rotation axis.

It looks like you rotated your selection by 90 in the Y axis, whereas the “mirror” you are after can be achieved by rotating by 180 in the Z axis… i.e. when doing your rotation do it from the top view and not the side-view. Scaling by -1 in the X direction would achieve an actual “mirror” but for meshes you’d need to recalculate the normals as flipping an axis will mess up your normals.


You’re right …

Well done noticing and realising! I have seen wells presented where on side the tiles are like your image upside down. Being aware of such issues is a good natural ability and trait. Solutions Jaco provided, and plenty others here will look to help out with answers.


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